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The App That'll Make You Wonder How You Ever Managed Your Salon or Barbershop Without It

Updated: Aug 15

Hey there, salon and barbershop owners! Are you tired of feeling like a circus performer trying to juggle everything at once? Well, Beu is here to help! Beu is the management and payment app that'll make you wonder how you ever managed your business without it. It's like having a trusty assistant by your side, except you won't have to worry about them stealing your coffee mug or eating the last donut. So, what makes Beu so special? Beu Pay We understand how salons and barbershops today are run. With over 50% of staff today being self-employed, a simple card reader doesn’t quite cut it anymore. We built Beu Pay to work for you. With low transaction fees of 1.25% + 20p, you won't feel like you're getting robbed every time you make a sale. And the best part? All staff can share card readers, whether they're employed or self-employed. If your self-employed staff work on a commission basis, we split the transaction at the point of sale, automatically sending the correct amounts to the business and the staff member. This means that salons that were previously hitting the VAT threshold due to the amount of self-employed staff members sharing a card reader can now relax a little easier, when the client does not have cash! SMS and Reminders Oh, and did we mention online bookings and SMS reminders? That's right, your clients can book appointments online and get reminders sent straight to their phones. It's like having your own personal assistant, except you won't have to worry about them stealing your stapler.

Analytics & Client Management Beu also offers analytics and client management features, so you can keep track of your business's performance and stay on top of your clients' activity. It's like having a crystal ball, except it won't tell you when you're going to die. That would be creepy.

Deposits And finally, Beu offers a deposits feature, so you can collect deposits from clients when they book appointments so you can say no to no-shows. In conclusion, Beu is the app you never knew you needed, but now you won't be able to live without. It's like having a superhero on your team, except they won't fly you to Paris or save you from a burning building. But hey, nobody's perfect.

Beu software can help you grow your business whilst providing your staff and clients with a great service. Available on any internet connected device through the web and we also have iOS and Android apps. Get Beu now from just £25 a month. Find out more here.

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