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Summer 2021 is back on: Be the talk of the town in 3 easy steps

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Double vaccinations and loosened restrictions can only mean one thing: summer 2021 is officially back on. Yes it might be scorching nights followed by monsoon days but the world is ready to get back to its best and so are your clients.

Holidays are slowly getting back on track and whether it's soft, beach highlights, a fresh fade or a relaxing treatment that your salon offers, we are all more than ready to get back to looking our best. So how can you make sure you keep up with the surge in demand whilst keeping your clients safe and comfortable?

  1. Back-to-back bookings are still a no go - you can make sure each client begins and ends their experience with you, without interruption or unnecessary contact with your next booking. Schedule automatic breaks between clients to create a consistently comfortable environment with Beu.

  1. Perfect your portfolio - with more clients coming through your doors each day, it’s time to build up a beautiful body of work in your personal portfolio. When browsing salons with Beu, your clients can see just how amazing you can make them look and feel. Consider the colours, placement and lighting to make your photos really stand out from the rest.

  1. Review, review, review - Word of mouth is of course a great way to build a solid client base, but online reviews are an important means for gaining the trust of new clients. Beu ensures all customer reviews are verified so you don’t need to worry about the trolls. Work your way to a five star review and your books will be fit to bursting, along with your bank balance.

As we move towards the autumn, with a more hopeful outlook about society staying open, it’s never been a better time to upgrade your business with an easy to use salon management software. Not only does Beu enable you to easily manage bookings, payments and treatment options, whether you're self-employed or a salon manager, you can also link your social media accounts and present a gorgeous portfolio of your work. Your salon will be the talk of the town (or the ton if you’re a Bridgerton fan!)

Don’t delay: upgrade your salon software now at

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