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How to attract loyal clients into your salon (and make them stay)

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Loyalty. Trust. Reliability. These aren’t just the things that were previously missing from your last relationship, but the core values that keep your clients exactly that – your clients. The Pareto principle applied to your business states that 20% of your clients are responsible for 80% of your revenue. Flip that and one loyal customer is worth 5 average clients. So how do we attract those top clients and stop them from getting a wandering eye? Get ready for Beu’s top tips.


1. Market your “why?”

Why do you have a salon? Why do you cut hair? Why should new clients book you? One of the biggest mistakes that can be made by any business is advertising what you do rather than why you do it. There might be 5 salons on your high-street that offer the same services as you, at similar prices, but there is a reason your loyal customers consistently come back to you. If you don’t know why, then speak to your clients and find out. Most of the time it will be because they have a great relationship with you or the other staff at the salon.


2. Delight your clients

User delight is a phrase that stems from web and app development. Ever ordered a pizza through an app? How did it make you feel when you were notified that your pizza is being made, or better yet, is out for delivery and will be with you in 5 minutes? This is delight. Map a new client’s journey from the moment they discover your salon, through the booking process, into the appointment and on to booking their next visit. Imagine how they are feeling at each step. Often new clients will be nervous when trying out a new salon. Introducing yourself and offering them a drink as soon as they walk in may reduce this anxiety. Knowing their name as you introduce yourself and bringing them a drink with their favorite biscuit may delight them. The most effective place to delight customers is in areas where there may be some uncertainty or discomfort. At the point of sale or when rebooking is another key area. Giving your clients the option to reschedule an appointment in a couple of taps online, or through an app without having to call up the salon and admit they have double-booked will go a long way to dispel this anxiety.

A typical client journey through a salon. The uncertainty points (white dots) represent areas where clients may feel some unease, and are the best areas to aim to improve to ensure that your client stays in your salons sale cycle. The red dots represent lost clients. This may be due a look of online bookings, a confusing booking process or anything else that may have caused them unease regarding booking or rebooking an appointment.


3. Be personal

This is a super simple point, but so effective. Know your clients. Know that they have a pet cockapoo called Pogo and an Auntie in Australia called Maureen that only eats canned tuna. By mentioning* Pogo or Maureen at their next appointment your client will see you have invested time into getting to know them, and will be incentivised to spend more time with you. Ask after them before booking their next appointment and you may even delight them.

*notice we said mention, not remember. Client notes exist for a reason so no excuses about having the memory of a goldfish.


At Beu we believe technology can improve relationships. We do this by always putting people first. Beu is a platform for the hair and beauty industry that builds and maintains relationships between clients and their stylists, by making every booking personal. As long as you look after your clients within the salon, we will take care of them between appointments. Find out how Beu can nail your “why?”, delight your clients, and help you stay personal by downloading the app and getting set up now.

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