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5 Tips to Maximise your Salon Profits this Winter

Christmas is just around the corner, and now is the time to make sure that you are maximising your profits over the festive period. We have put together our top tips to help you finish your year off with a bang!

Tip 1: Increase your hours over December, in exchange for holiday over January

It feels like there are not enough hours in the day over December, with all your clients wanting to look their best for the parties and festivities that come with Christmas. If you find yourself completely booked out, why don’t you ask your staff if they would be happy to work a few extra shifts over the festive period, in exchange for more time off in January.

Tip 2: Sell more products

Get your Jordan Belford on in the salon, and start selling more products. Introducing a Christmas sale competition could be all the incentive your staff need to really push the retail side of the business, and give a major boost to your revenue. Teach your staff to ask every client how they are getting on with their Christmas shopping, before informing them of the Christmas offers you are running. When it comes to the end of the appointment, remember to ask every client if there are any products they want to take home with them.

Tip 3: Raise Prices

This one is never a popular one, but Christmas can be a great time to introduce your price raises. Often December is the busiest month of the year so even with a price rise your diary will likely be packed out regardless. You could use the excuse of printing seasonal service lists, and with how prices have risen recently for energy your clients will most likely be very understanding.

Tip 4: Gift Vouchers

It goes without saying, but making sure you are selling as many gift vouchers as possible over the festive period is a sure fire way to increase your revenue. Often people present shopping are looking to get it done as quickly as possible, with minimum stress, and who doesn’t love the gift of looking great.

Tip 5: Optimise your business

If you have a business with self employed staff that pay a portion of their service to the business owner, then switching to Beu software may provide you with the biggest savings. With Beu, you can split transactions at the point of payment, lowering your personal turnover which means that you may not have to be registered for VAT. If this is the case, the 20% that you were paying in VAT could go into you pocket instead.

Saving on VAT isn’t the only thing Beu can do for your business. Beu allows you to take online bookings and deposits; automatically calculates and pays any commission owed; takes payments with an integrated card reader; and much more. Beu software can help you grow your business whilst providing your staff and clients with a great service. Available on any internet connected device, and on iOS and Android. Get Beu now from just £25 a month. Find out more here.

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