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5 reasons to ditch your current salon management software (it could even save you £1000+ a year)

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

It’s been a long three months filled with bad roots and unruly hair, but the UK government finally gave the green light to reopen our hair salons, beauty salons and barbering businesses! Since the announcement, salon bookings have gone through the roof and I am sure you’re finding yourself booked up weeks and even months in advance, clearing through the debris of the nation’s extended bad hair day. At your busiest time, you will want to maximise profits and use your time as effectively as possible. First let’s think about the why and then move on to the how.

Adapt to thrive: What are the current regulations?

We know the current situation is a worrying time for everyone and there will need to be adaptations to the traditional salon set-up going forward. At the time of writing the guidelines for salons state that clients must not be seated in a waiting area and if they are early for an appointment they should wait outside. Coffee and magazines are a thing of the past, only water in plastic bottles or cups can be served. You must be wearing plastic visors that come past your chin and each booth must be at least 1m away from the next client. Music can only be played low, if at all, to discourage raised voices.

It all sounds very alien and disconcerting at the moment, but this looks to be the new normal. If you or your salon can be remembered for easing your clients into these changes by making them feel secure, they will keep coming back and word will spread. Why not offer a face mask when they arrive – it’s not mandatory but small touches like this will make even the most anxious client feel at home. Get your masks and PPE at Staff PPE for peace of mind.

You will also need to keep a record of all your clients for up to 21 days in case of an outbreak of coronavirus for the NHS track and trace system, and with strict GDPR regulations, you can rest assured that any data stored on Beu is secure and following the legal requirements. With a salon booking system that takes care of you, your time is freed up to make your clients feel as valued as ever during social distancing restrictions.

What have you got for me? 5 reasons to change your salon management software and join Beu.

1. Nothing to pay – for you or your client

Did we mention it’s free? No subscriptions, no commission and no sign-up fee, for either client, hairdresser or salon. All you need is an internet connected device and you’re ready to go, with no complicated databases to trawl through or hidden costs. Just sign up and you’re all set. So with no need for expensive salon booking platforms – some of our clients are saving upwards of £1000 a year since they switched!

2. Diary online and in your pocket

Once you’re signed in, the diary feature is the first element you will notice, and it is clean, clear and ready to be filled with your clients. Whether you are on your phone, using the touch screen to pull up details about the day ahead, or firing up your laptop to see whether Mrs Busby has rebooked her weekly blow dry 3 weeks in advance now she can book in by herself, the diary feature will be your new best friend. No more time-consuming follow up calls - our system automates all of the admin for you. This means no-shows become a thing of the past as clients will receive a reminder about their appointment. With walk-ins also on hold, it’s more critical than ever to have a system you can rely on to work effectively.

3. Easy access client lists

Your clients can easily book themselves in for their favourite treatments with one touch to add their service, another click to choose when to come in, and a final click to confirm. It’s as simple as that. Our client list feature builds a seamless customer experience that even allows you to write notes on their booking, so you can easily remember who’s allergic to bleach and which client takes soya milk in her latte. No more mix-ups, just perfect service every time. They can even pay directly through the app so you can effortlessly keep track of your earnings.

4. Staff management features

Salon owners this one’s for you. The staff tab takes the work out of management by allowing you to instantly access each of your employee’s schedules with the ability to adjust working hours, schedule breaks and contact clients if a staff member is absent. This is also a dream for those self-employed therapists, beauticians and stylists amongst you – a system to support you rather than slow you down.

5. Clients can book in directly

Maybe you have a busy customer base coming directly from social media? Beu knows the power of social media, which is why we create a unique URL for every stylist to include a link: whether you are the Queen of Insta or a Facebook aficionado, you can direct users straight to your Beu profile to book their next appointment.

And if that isn’t enough, if you struggle to retain new clients, our webapp is designed to maintain your customer base and keep your booking cycle alive and kicking. Clients can also discover you on our Beu marketplace, and book future appointments directly through our app or website. The search feature means your profile can be found by location, price and service, with the added bonus of a gallery to upload your best work and show off your hard-earned skills!

So what are you waiting for?

Sign-up here and get back to work!

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