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3 must-have app features for your salon

If you own or work at a salon, an app-based business management solution can help you streamline operations, save time and boost profits. But which features are must-haves? Read on to find out how your business can benefit from these top four app features designed specifically for salons.

  1. Appointment Booking and Management

A good appointment booking and management system is essential to any salon's success. It is even better when the system takes care of the hard work for you, and manages the appointments itself. With Beu, your clients can book their appointments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On top of that, if there are any issues with the appointments, they can be rescheduled automatically through our apps, with just a tap.

  1. Deposits and prepaid appointments

No one likes dreaded no shows. Day ruined! Not only do you lose out on the income, you are now stuck with a gaping hole in your day, providing you with more than enough time to ask yourself what did you do to deserve this? With Beu, deposits and prepaid appointments are completely configurable, so even if your client doesn’t turn up, you still have the money in your account.

  1. Staff and Client Management

A big part of running a successful salon business is managing the staff and clients that are vital to your success. With Beu, we make that as easy as possible. Our software allows you to configure every aspect of your business to your requirements. This means that the software works flawlessly for salons with employed and self-employed staff, and even a mixture of both. If your salon takes commissions from bookings off staff members, that can even be set into the system. On top of that, we have a client management system that gives you an overview of all your client data, accessible from anywhere.

The right tools for the job

In a pinch, a screwdriver can hammer in a nail, but it would be no match for a skilled carpenter with a hammer. The same applies to your salon, and the tools you use to run it. A paper diary and a ballpoint might be familiar, but they are no match for a custom software solution with automation features. That is exactly what we at Beu have developed. We provide salons with an all in one management system that works for salon managers, their staff and their clients. Beu gives your business online bookings, a booking app for your clients, deposits and much more with plans starting from just £25 a month.

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