Frequently Asked Questions


Is Beu secure?

Yes! Data security and protection is centric to our operation at Beu. Here are just a few things we do to ensure maximum security: All data is securely processed and stored within our owned instances held on the cloud. All financial information such as bank account, card details and transactions are all managed and stored securely with our specialist 3rd party partner Stripe.

What do Beu offer in the way of support?

We have technical support availble through the chatbox on our website (Monday - Sunday (9.00-18.00). Alternatively you can send as an email to:

Why do you need my bank details ?

Salon mangers & self-employed hairdressers we need your details to pay you!

Are there any hidden costs?

No, Beu is totally free! If a client chooses to pay through the app then the booking will incur a Stripe charge. This is 1.4% of the cost of the booking plus 20p for European cards, and 2.9% of the cost of the booking plus 20p for non-european cards. There is no cost for clients to use the system.

I’ve had a good experience with Beu...

If you like what we’re doing at Beu let us know by: - Rating us on the AppStore - Emailing your feedback to: - Telling your friends and any hairdressers you know

I’ve got a suggestion to help improve Beu…

We want to hear your feedback, it is crucial for us to build the ultimate experience for Salon Managers & Hairdressers. Send your suggestions to:

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What devices do I need to use Beu ?

Beu App is accessible to all users across all devices. Just go to to get started. Can I Use Beu on my Computer ? - Yes. As long as you have an internet browser, you can acess Beu.Just go to the following URL: Can I Use Beu on iOS (iPhone / iPad)? - Yes. You can access Beu via any web browser (e.g. Safari / Chrome) or download the native appliction from the AppStore. Just search "Beu". Can I Use Beu on Android ? - Yes. You can access Beu on your android device through the google chrome browser.

Whose details should I enter when registering a Salon?

Always register with your own details. Only salon owners, managers or self-employed hair and beauty professionals can create salons on Beu, so if you are employed and you think Beu could help your salon definitely have a word with your manager!

My Bookings & Diary

Does Beu allow multiple clients to book a service at the same time?

No Beu is operates in real time and instantly blocks out time slots when a booking is made. This means no double bookings and no dispaointed cusomters.

Do I have to accept bookings made by my clients in the app?

No any new bookings made by clients are instantly added into your diary.

I have a lunch break plus a stock check and I don’t want to be booked. Can I block out time for these?

Yes. We understand you don’t want to be booked every single hour of the day. On the Diary Page, click the plus button and click add an event. You can the select a date, time and whether you want to be bookable or not.

I love to go on holiday and often need to take leave from the salon, can I add this in my diary?

Yes. On the Diary Page, click the plus button and click add a holiday. You can select the start and end date of your trip. You will not be bookable between those dates.

Does Beu send clients reminders of their upcoming bookings?

Booking reminders are sent in the morning on the day of the booking via a push notification.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a booking?

Simple, Beu let’s you reschedule or cancel your bookings in a couple of clicks. Just tap on the booking in the Diary screen and you will have the options to either cancel or reschedule the booking. Your client will be notified by the changes via an email & push notification.

My Profile

How do I make the most out of my Beu profile?

Stand out from the crowd! Beu gives you the freedom to add a bio and a portfolio of your work. Make sure you take the opportunity to show off what you do best!

How do I get reviewed on Beu?

When clicking any booking after completion in the Diary Screen you will see an option to mark the booking as complete. Clicking this will send a push notification to your client to leave you a review. In addition to this we thoroughly recommend letting your client know during your booking that you’d like them to write a review for you.

Do I have to add services & prices to my profile?

No. Adding services is entirely optional! However In order to be discovered by new clients you are required to have at least one service and a price listed.

How do I delete my account ?

Please request for your account to be deleted by emailing: Our support team will ensure your data is removed within 48hours.

Salon Managers

How do I add staff to my salon?

Web Users You can add your Staff in Web Application from the "Staff" tab. They will recieve an inivitation email from the platform where they will be able to log into the application iOS Users Your staff can download Beu from the Apple App Store and create an account. During the sign up process they can search for your salon and make a request to join. Once they have requested to join your Salon, you will receive a push notification. You can accept or reject their request by going to Staff tab on the Salon page and tapping on theit image.

Can my staff manage their own diaries & bookings on the app?

Yes. Each staff member has full control over their diary and bookings in the app.

What happens if a staff memeber leaves my salon?

As a Salon Manager you have the ability to remove staff from your salon in the app. To remove a staff memeber head to the Salon Page and then Click the Staff Tab. You should now see all employed and or self-employed professionals that work in your Salon. Simply tap on the professionals image that you want to remove from the salon. This will bring up a confrmation pop up where you will need to set the leave date and click confirm.

What happens to the client list when a professional leaves my salon ?

As a Salon Manager you have full ownership of all clients that book any of your employed staff. When an employed staff member leaves your salon they will lose all access to the client list for your Salon giving you utlimate protection against client theft. These clients will continue to appear under the home icon on the Salon Tab for you as Salon Manager. Note, all of the above only applies to employed professionals. If you have self-employed professionals working at your salon they will have full ownership of their client lists meaning when they leave they take their clients with them.

How do I update salon infomation?

Salon Managers can update their Salon information in the Salon Settings. This is found under the settings tab.